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Blogger relationships are marketing gold; don't lose them. It's easy to grow out of touch with bloggers who have featured your products in the past. But it's just as easy to perpetuate the relationship – all it takes is a minute of your time.

You can use Twitter combined with Google Alerts or RSS feeds to keep your eye on what they're up to.

Or, you can use the BlogDash Engage tab and track all your blogger relationships in one place.

Following up with bloggers to sustain the relationship is also an important part of the blogger outreach process. For future reference, within BlogDash, you can easily trace all the communications you've had with each blogger.

But first, it helps to know which bloggers have been giving you the greatest return on your investment. To track each blogger's success in reaching customers, compare the target audience with the monthly visits from each blog using your site analytics tools. This will help you understand the ROI of your campaign as well. You can then create lists and follow-up with the right bloggers for future campaigns.


List Of Bloggers

Once you've determined the most effective bloggers for your brand, you can create a list of the best with BlogDash. Keep in mind, though, that just because a particular blogger wasn't as effective on one campaign, that doesn't mean they will be equally ineffective down the road. It never hurts to keep in touch – your next campaign could prove to be a much better fit for these bloggers.


Join In The Discussions

Stay connected with the bloggers in discussions on their blogs and Twitter. This is a great way to keep your name on the blogger's mind as well as those of their readers. BlogDash shows you the posts from their blog and their Tweets from Twitter. Similar to what you did during the Engage phase, BlogDash lets you comment on posts, and reply or retweet their tweets to retain your relationship with each blogger.


Share The Discussions

Sharing is caring. Cliché, but true, and it'll let bloggers and prospects alike know you haven't disappeared. When you're between campaigns, sharing bloggers' posts and tweets is a worthwhile investment. With BlogDash, you can make it as easy as ABC. Open lists of bloggers, go to their publications and share their words on social media. Go to their tweets directly from BlogDash to share them with your followers.

There are myriad ways to cultivate blogger relationships beyond the pitch so that next time you need their help, they're much more willing to answer your call.

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