Make the Pitch; Seal The Deal

Pitch Bloggers like a Rock Star

The key to a great pitch is a two-point approach: personalize and get right to the point. That's it! No need to ramble.

  1. Get to the point; tell them why you are contacting them, what you want from them and why your product/brand is perfect for their audience.
  2. As you’re an expert on your product/service and are also familiar with your competitors, let bloggers know about the unique selling points of your product. Suggest an angle of interaction with their audience so the post about your product sticks out from the rest. It could be a video demo, interview, or any other form of content.
  3. Most bloggers have stated their requested compensation in the “Pitch Policy” on their profiles. Check it out before pitching them.
  4. Never forget to pay a thank-you.
  5. BlogDash offers you the opportunity to pitch bloggers one by one (for more customization) or all at once (to save time). Take advantage of this functionality. It comes with your subscription.

BlogDash' team will help you on how to pitch the right Bloggers

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