Create your blogger outreach campaign with difference!

Build a Foundation: Create your blogger outreach campaign!

When performing blogger outreach for your business, it’s a good idea to create a campaign rather than trying the scattershot approach. This way, you know where you’re going and how you’re going to get there through goals, expected cost, and desired number of active bloggers.



Allocate a budget to your campaign in advance. Distribute it between conditional and unconditional as incentive for the blogger(s) you are going to interact with. Don't forget, most bloggers expect to be paid for their work.


Assign Campaign Time

Add a start date and an end date to your campaign. This will help to structure your campaign so bloggers can schedule themselves and provide you with quality articles in a timely manner.


Name your Campaign

Giving a name to your campaign will help you to track results and enable bloggers to communicate with you more easily. Also, it's good to indicate if this is a paid campaign within the name.


Define Requirements

Specifically define each and every target you want to hit with this campaign. Tell bloggers what the campaign goal is. You should bundle any material you think a blogger might need.



Many bloggers expect to get paid for their writing. However, if direct payments are not involved in the campaign, mention/define the compensation you are going to give as reward, e.g. food, beverage, product access, concert tickets, etc.

Sometimes, circumstances change, so your campaign must change with them. Be sure to keep updating your campaign page appropriately. This way, everyone knows the latest and can proceed accordingly to reach your campaign goal.

Once you’ve created your campaign, it’s time to go on the blogger hunt!


You are good to go to create your campaign!

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