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Grow your blog with BlogDash! Monetize it as much as you like, and keep up with the latest trends in your niche. BlogDash can help you:

About You

Write a quick biography of yourself and tell potential clients why they should consider you in their marketing plan, why they should contact you while performing their Blogger Outreach campaigns and why your audience is perfect for their product/service. Add your photo and your location. It's more user-friendly and a good way for clients to get to know you.

Social Power

Social media is an asset that grows over time thanks to your great content. Imagine how much more quickly you could grow your following if you were in a position to become an authority in your niche? BlogDash can put you there. Share all your social channels including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and more.

Promote Your Publication

Want more exposure for your blog? BlogDash offers bloggers a link to their publication and showcases it in our database. This makes it infinitely easier for interested companies and PR agencies to find you and view your writing style.

  • Your Influence

    BlogDash connects to Klout Score to measure bloggers social media influence. We encourage you to get your score there so BlogDash can promote you within our network and can let clients know about your authority in your subject.

    SEO Ranking

    Page Rank, Domain Authority, Page Authority, Alexa Ranking and many more don't matter just to search engines but to businesses too. BlogDash helps PR agencies or brands see the SEO rankings of your publication.

    No Spam Please!

    BlogDash doesn't want to deluge you with pitches that don’t suit you. That’s why we’ve allowed bloggers to identify their area of expertise and created a Pitch Policy so you can be up front with PR agencies or brands regarding your preferences and what opportunities will work for your blog(s). The result? You hear from only those who are ready to work with you and avoid spam in your inbox!

    Email Alert

    Get email alerts every time PR Agencies or Brands create a pitch. These emails are the part of open communications from PR Agencies or Brands through BlogDash to Bloggers.

    Get Featured on Our Blog

    BlogDash offers you the chance to be part of our Blog as a Contributor. We will publish your writing with your name to earn Social & SEO benefits, along with the opportunity to get more pitches through our network.

  • A Community Of More Than 200K Bloggers

    Build your network and promote yourself at BlogDash. BlogDash provides equal opportunity for learning and earning. We showcase your work, Social Score, SEO Score, and more, giving you the perfect opportunity to get noticed by PR Agencies or Brands in your niche.

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