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Jacqueline Lichtenberg is creator of the Sime~Gen Universe, primary author of Star Trek Lives!, founder of the Star Trek Welcommittee, creator of the term Intimate Adventure, winner of the Galaxy Awar... | SEE MORE

, United States, Arizona

Pitch Policy

  1. What kind of opportunities are you looking for? - Paid

  2. What kinds of posts do you write? (Check all that apply) - Reviews, Entertainment, Event Coverage, Advice

  3. What is the best method to pitch you? - Email, Twitter | SEE MORE

  4. Are there any general directions or policies that business which want to pitch you should know? - I write articles and stories to order, but often over wordcount. I review sometimes harshly but sans profanity.

  5. Are you open to receiving gifts or products to review? - Yes

  6. Are you open to receiving guest posts ? - Yes

  7. Are you open to allowing sponsored giveaways on your blog ? - Yes, MAYBE romance novels by authors I know personally

  8. Please specify how much you'd like to charge for writing a blog post? - Yes, $100. I will write blog posts for others to post on their sites with my byline Jacqueline Lichtenberg (a widely published prof writer), about my areas of expertise (SF/F writing), with link-back to jacquelinelichenberg.com

  9. Are you open to writing a guest post for a business on their website? - Yes, But not necessarily all praise for their product

  10. Are you open to receiving invitations to cover events? - No

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