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For businesses
For bloggers

For businesses

What does BlogDash do for businesses?

BlogDash helps businesses do blogger outreach the right way. It provides you with all the tools you need to find the specific bloggers you’ll want to reach out to, research them and ultimately contact them.

What is blogger outreach?

Blogger outreach is the practice of finding, researching, engaging and contacting bloggers usually with the goal of getting media coverage. There are many other goals though, such as product reviews, event invitations, guest posting, advertising, partnerships, and more.

How much does BlogDash cost?

If you’re a business, we offer a range of price plans starting at only $250/month. Price is monthly, billed annually. It’s free for bloggers.

What kinds of bloggers do you have in BlogDash?

You can find bloggers from a wide variety of topics and niches, at all levels of influence, popularity, and reach.

If I already have an existing list of bloggers, can I manage it in BlogDash?

Yes, you can import spreadsheets into BlogDash. All we need is a name and a url, and we’ll gather the rest of the data for you. You can then manage your list using BlogDash. You can also add bloggers manually (without a spreadsheet)

Why doesn’t every blogger’s profile have an email address?

We only provide information that is either publicly available, or has been provided by the blogger.

Why doesn’t every profile have pitch preferences?

BlogDash gathers publicly available information about bloggers across the web. That means that we have bloggers in our database that aren’t necessarily aware that they are included. We do our best to contact these bloggers, and encourage them to take control of their profile and data. Once they claim their page, they can set their pitch preferences.

Where does BlogDash get its data?

We use a number of 3rd party API’s, mixed in with our own technology and a large amount of manual work. We’re working very hard in order to provide our customers with the highest quality information possible.

How do I export a list?

On the “manage lists” page, there is an “export” icon at the top of the selected list. Click this icon and follow next steps.

For bloggers

What does BlogDash do for bloggers?

Think of BlogDash as a LinkedIn profile made for bloggers. Our goal is to help you get more valuable and targeted opportunities. We believe that the best way to achieve this by using open communication, so we encourage bloggers to share their pitch preferences and past experiences. You are now a media professional, and should be treated as such!

How much does it cost?

Nothing. Nada. Zip. BlogDash is 100% free for bloggers.

How do I claim my profile?

Once you sign up, you need to follow a few steps. During the first step, you have to either find your profile if it already exists, or create a new one. In order to claim your profile, you have a few options, including adding a small image or adding a meta code to your site. Once your profile is claimed, you can remove the image or code.

How do you prevent bloggers from being spammed?

Unlike pretty much all other media databases, we don’t allow businesses to mass message a list of bloggers.

We also allow you to change your preferences so that if you never want to be contacted by a business ever for any reason, you will be hidden by default from the database.

Who can see my profile?

There are two ways that someone can see your profile.
1) They are a paying business using BlogDash
2) They arrived at your profile through the badge, or through the link that we’ve given you to share on your blog or wherever needed.