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  • Tim Jahn - Blogdash

    This e-book is golden. As a blogger that gets pitched (never thought I'd be able to say that), I'm tempted to send this e-book to every bad pitch I get (which is basically 9/10). From a blogger's point of view, you've absolutely nailed the best way to approach us.

    Tim Jahn -

  • Shane Mac - Blogdash

    If you still don't think bloggers can change how YOU do PR then YOU need to read this guide!

    Shane Mac

  • Gini Dietrich - Blogdash

    Wow! If you need help understanding blogger relations and how it works, stop no further than right here. This book is a step-by-step instruction on how to research, how to engage, how to build relationships, and how to pitch the right bloggers for your business that makes something seemingly overwhelming easily manageable. No more taking the traditional PR route to blogger relations. You'll get it right after reading this.

    Gini Dietrich, chief executive officer, Arment Dietrich, Inc.; author Spin Sucks

  • MichaelSMARTPR - Blogdash

    Plenty of gurus know blogs, but nobody gets the relationship between PR and bloggers like David Spinks. His ebook should be the starting point for everybody who pitches bloggers. If people follow the step-by-step advice he gives, we'll have a lot more happy bloggers - and PR clients.


Stop applying old methods to new media.

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  • An overview of the blogosphere and world of new media.
  • FREPT - The in depth, step-by-step guide to blogger outreach.
  • Tips, tricks and tools for finding and reaching the right bloggers