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Tinuke runs a llifestyle - parenting blog generally talking about issues that matter to her; a working mum juggling a career, raising a child, interested in such issues as fitness, charity work and fashion! Tinuke is employed by a top US financial institution in their UK offices and is a driven, hardworking individual with a passion for writing,

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Pitch policy

What kind of opportunities are you looking for? - Paid, Unpaid

What kinds of posts do you write? (Check all that apply) - News, Opinion, Reviews, Personal, Entertainment, Event Coverage

What is the best method to pitch you? - Email, Twitter

Are there any general directions or policies that business which want to pitch you should know? - I always declare if a post I have written is sponsored, it doesn't affect the standard of writing I will produce but I believe it to be fair to my readers to know, as well as it being a department of fair trading rule in the UK.

Are you open to receiving gifts or products to review? - Yes

Are you open to allowing sponsored giveaways on your blog ? - Yes, As long as they are relevant to my blog.

Please specify how much you'd like to charge for writing a blog post? - Yes, from £135

The price obviously depends on the length and detail required. I am happy to write a blog post for other blogs or have a company sponsored post on my own blog as long as I have no ethical reason not to. For instance, I am against fox hunting so would not write a blog post on hunting holidays to kill them! Other than that I am pretty open minded!

Are you open to writing a guest post for a business on their website? - Yes, I have experience of writing lifestyle and parenting related posts. I am also very happy to write posts on any subject as I am a confident and competant copywriter.

Are you open to receiving invitations to cover events? - Yes

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