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I'm an innovations specialist who provides opportunities that would be otherwise unavailable, ones to help people, communities and businesses prosper through my company services at Creative Innovation... | SEE MORE

United States, Florida, San Antonio

Pitch Policy

  1. What kind of opportunities are you looking for? - Paid, Unpaid

  2. What kinds of posts do you write? (Check all that apply) - News, Opinion, Reviews, Personal, Entertainment, Event Coverage, Advice

  3. What is the best method to pitch you? - Email, Facebook, In person | SEE MORE

  4. Are there any general directions or policies that business which want to pitch you should know? - I am willing to write only for the purpose of helping people in various ways, such as philanthropic causes, awareness issues when needed, business and personal prosperity advice, business blogs with philanthropic interests, and news that changes lives.

  5. Are you open to receiving gifts or products to review? - Yes

  6. Are you open to allowing sponsored giveaways on your blog ? - Yes, I plan to build a very powerful incentive program to get people involved in philanthropic programs to help people prosper.

  7. Please specify how much you'd like to charge for writing a blog post? - Yes, I am willing to negotiaqte from my services..... I only charge when a marketing campaign is involved to fund for philanthropic causes.. I am only willing to write and participate in blogs that inspire people to get involved into philanthropic endeavors to help people in various ways.

  8. Are you open to writing a guest post for a business on their website? - Yes, I only charge when a marketing campaign is involved to fund for philanthropic causes. I am willing to negotiaqte from my services.....

  9. Are you open to receiving invitations to cover events? - Yes

Market Influence

Category: Business and Management

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