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I’m Marilyn. I created A Lot of Loves in 2009 as a way to share the joys, trials, and funny-bits of being a mother (to a boy age 4.5 and a girl age 2.5). Instead of “knowing it all” when it comes to parenting, I believe that most of us really don’t know what we’re doing, but we’re all doing the best we can. When I left my career behind to take care of my kids, I felt adrift and alone, and that is one of the main reasons that I started A Lot of Loves. I see this blog as a place where ... Read more

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What kind of opportunities are you looking for? - Paid, Unpaid

What kinds of posts do you write? (Check all that apply) - Reviews, Personal, Entertainment

What is the best method to pitch you? - Email

Are there any general directions or policies that business which want to pitch you should know? - Review requests: I do not expect payment for reviews, but I do require product that I can keep. I will not write reviews based on samples alone. Sponsored posts: Posts highlighting companies w/o a review are fine as long as I receive compensation.

Are you open to receiving gifts or products to review? - Yes

Are you open to allowing sponsored giveaways on your blog ? - Yes, I will do sponsored giveaways provided that I receive product or some other form of acceptable compensation

Please specify how much you'd like to charge for writing a blog post? - Yes, My rates can change from time to time, please inquire for current rates.

Are you open to writing a guest post for a business on their website? - Yes, My rates can change from time to time, please inquire for current rates.

Are you open to receiving invitations to cover events? - No

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