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I write a mixture of humor, social issues, and some sad stuff. I am working on getting into some other types of media, such as video, podcasts or blogtalk radio. We use coarse language, adult themes, and sexual references, so if these types of things make you uncomfortable, you've been warned.

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Pitch policy

What kind of opportunities are you looking for? - Paid

What kinds of posts do you write? (Check all that apply) - News, Opinion, Reviews, Personal, Entertainment, Event Coverage, Advice

What is the best method to pitch you? - Email

Are there any general directions or policies that business which want to pitch you should know? - I'm just a regular guy. Please don't insult my intelligence with bullshit. I don't haggle. You tell me what it's worth to you, and I tell you whether I can do it. Once. I try to live an honest, simple life, and I don't need smooth talking shysters in it.

Are you open to receiving gifts or products to review? - Yes

Are you open to receiving guest posts ? - Yes

Are you open to allowing sponsored giveaways on your blog ? - Yes, As long as it's not a scam.

Please specify how much you'd like to charge for writing a blog post? - Yes, $50-$200

It really depends on the length and the subject. If you want me to write about your corporation, it will cost you a lot more than if I'm writing about your charity or mom and pop home based business.

Are you open to writing a guest post for a business on their website? - Yes, It would depend on what is needed

Are you open to receiving invitations to cover events? - Yes

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