Service Packages


We manage your campaign - from start to success - GUARANTEED

Enjoy premier brand positioning with guaranteed articles from the leading trend-setters in your market

See guaranteed results in just 4-6 weeks
Bolster your product launch or quickly reinvigorate your brand

Reap the incalculable PR and SEO benefits of at least 20 high-quality blog articles

Keep up-to-date with your guest blogging campaign through comprehensive reporting

Get one month of unlimited access to our opt-in blogger community free of charge


    Boost your brand with superior content development and social sharing

    The Brand Mentions Program is focused on developing high-quality, shareable content that integrates a mention of your business and a link to your website in a natural, contextually-appropriate way.

    The custom articles we create are then submitted for publication to influential online publishers such as Forbes or Fast Company to help you build brand recognition and reap SEO rewards.

    Our Brand Mention program has become critical components of good SEO and content marketing strategy.

  • Blogger Outreach Service & Methodology

    With all of our blogger outreach services, we follow our tried and true blogger outreach methodology. This consists of campaign creation, followed by finding, engaging, pitching and tracking highly relevant bloggers. We can either do it all for you or you can take the reins and do it yourself.

    The focus is to overcome your challenges, improve your visibility and achieve your content marketing goals through blogger outreach. Everything we do is focused around the success of your campaign, because your success is our success. We don't believe in one-off projects. We believe in cultivating a relationship through the life of your content marketing initiatives.

  • Your Blogger Outreach Service

    Your products/services are likely to fit into one of the following categories: Arts, Automotive, Business, Education, Entertainment, Food and Beverage, Health, Home and Family, Lifestyle, Politics and Law, Shopping, Society and Culture, Sports, Technology, Travel, etc. Every client that is onboard with BlogDash for blogger outreach services receives customized services built around the content marketing goals of your business.

    Get the Most Out of Blogger Outreach and Increase Your Customer Reach

    Our blogger outreach services will only focus on the bloggers and the blogs your target markets follow. We will engage with those bloggers who will provide your business the most traction from an outreach campaign. BlogDash is always excited to partner with you to launch a blogger outreach campaign designed to drive traffic to your business and create product/service awareness in your market.

  • Let's talk about your Blogger Outreach Campaign.

    Schedule a call with one of our consultants and learn how we can work together to achieve your goals.