About Blogdash

 Find out about our super awesome vision to improve the media relations industry

BlogDash is a media database built with the purpose to actually help the media relations industry.

Nowadays, because of the booming of social media, “media” is being created by everyone – you, me, and the people you know. Thus, brands might become overwhelmed in their attempt to get their message to the target audience.

To ease your work, there are plenty of PR Management tools and media databases available. However, it is safe to say that most of them were built for traditional media (mass messaging, news wires, press releases) and are yet to make the jump into the new digital era.

We provide a platform that focuses on open communication, building real relationships and no spam with the hope to create an easy to use platform of communication between bloggers and PR today.

What is blogdash

It's very simple.

BlogDash works very easily:

  • Bloggers choose to which kinds of opportunities they're open to being pitched about.
  • Brands find and connect with the right bloggers for their projects or campaigns.

Boom! Opportunities that actually help both sides are created. It's magical :)

Features for brands

  • Research through a database of more than 100k bloggers to find the ones that will really care about your product, company or story.
  • Upload blogger contacts and BlogDash will return a list with full profiles for each of the bloggers.
  • We gather all of the publicly available information about bloggers that you’ll need, and organize it in one page for you.
  • Find bios, publications, social networks, blog stats, twitter stats and more…
  • Create and manage outreach lists to keep track of your campaigns.

Features for bloggers

  • The sweetest part...BlogDash is 100% free for bloggers!
  • Choose the kinds of opportunities that you're open to being contacted about.
  • No spam. We don't allow users mass message bloggers.
  • Add a badge to your blog to let brands know they can contact you through BlogDash with opportunities.
  • If you never want to receive an opportunity of any kind, you can opt out. Although, we doubt you will...

Why did we create blogdash?

We performed blogger outreach for a long time, and we know how difficult it can prove at times to find and gather information about bloggers.

Blogger outreach can be amazingly valuable, for brands and bloggers, when done correctly. Until BlogDash, there were no tools made to help you do blogger outreach the right way.

We worked with bloggers constantly, and knew that 99% of the time, they were open to receiving some opportunities, as long as they were targeted and valuable. The problem was, unless they created a pitch policy on their site, brands wouldn't know what the blogger was looking for.

If the brand didn't want to take the time to research the blogger and to engage with them, they'd probably just end up sending out the same message to all the bloggers they found and hope for the best.

This approach did not work. It's even made people doubt the value in blogger outreach. There is a lot of time involved in finding the bloggers, gathering the right information, engaging with them and pitching them – it just wasn't worth it, so many brands to PR management tools.

With BlogDash, we wanted to change that. We reduce hours of research into minutes.We give you the powerful filters needed in order to narrow down the blogosphere and the platform to respectfully engage with bloggers.

BlogDash makes blogger outreach valuable again.